I cater to parties of all sizes and personalize menus to fit your needs.

A popular option for a private event for about 20/50 guests includes a large paella and an assortment of tapas, such as hand-carved Jamon Iberico, gourmet Spanish cheese, tortilla and gazpacho.

I also hand-carve Jamon Iberico live, a perfect addition to your wedding or private event. And there is always the option to add your favorite tapas to your Jamon Iberico for a perfectly delightful taste of Spain.
Menu Private Events
Main course
Paella. The world famous dish from Spain. Authentic Seafood Paella, Vegetarian Paella or Chistorra Paella.


Tortilla Española. This classic is never missing in the tapas bar, the thick Spanish potato omelet. Tortilla with shrimp is also an option. 

Gazpacho. A classic of Spanish Cuisine. It’s a cold soup served in a glass made of raw, blended vegetables.

Pinchos de Chorizo al Vino. Chorizo skewers slow cooked in red wine with caramelized onions.

Mojama. Premium dry-cured tuna loin served with olive oil and almonds.

Aceitunas. Olive medley (Cornicabra, Zorzaleña, Cuquillo, Verdial and Gordal varieties) from Spain and the famous olives stuffed with anchovies.

And of course! hand-carved Jamon Iberico during the event. 100% Iberian and acorn fed. Cured for 4 years. 


Manchego. The classic Spanish cheese, with a soft but decisive taste, from La Mancha, cured for 3 months (authentic Manchego)

Murcia al Vino. Creamy goodness with a touch of salt and a hint of fruity wine flavor. Goat.

Tetilla. In Spanish its name translates literally to “little breast”, this soft cheese from Galicia will melt in your mouth.

Idiazabal (Vasco) From the Basque Country, this cheese has a sharp, strong taste, cured for 2 months.

Cabrales. This famous, Northern Spanish blue cheese has a tangy sharp taste!

Seafood Conserves:

Boquerones. White anchovies fillets from the Cantabrian Sea north of Galicia marinated in vinegar.

Mussels. Big mussels from Galicia marinated in picked sauce.

Pulpo a la Gallega. Soft cooked octopus made with Pimenton and olive oil. Preserved in premium olive oil.

Anchovies in olive oil.


Tortas de Aceite. Sweet crispy bread made with olive oil and anise.

And more to choose…

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