Corporate/Delivery Menu

2 style options available: individual meals or buffet style ‘Paella and Tapas’.

All sandwiches are made with French baguette.

For ‘Paella and Tapas’ buffet style, the price varies. Please, feel free to ask for an estimate.

Individual meal:

Paella Authentic Vegetarian/Vegan Paella made with mushrooms, asparagus and peppers *Vegan $25

Sandwich + Chips $18

Sandwich + Chips + Dessert $20

Sandwich + Gazpacho $20

Sandwich + Gazpacho + Chips $21

Sandwich + Gazpacho + Dessert $21

Sandwich + Tortilla Omelet + Dessert $22


Sandwich Jamon Serrano Jamon Serrano with Tumaca sauce (Tomato, garlic and extra virgin olive oil)

Sandwich Chorizo Vela Spicy cured chorizo and Manchego cheese with Tumaca sauce

Sandwich Sobrasada Chorizo spread and Mahon cheese with honey

Sandwich Tortilla Spanish thick potato omelet (potato, egg, green pepper and onion) with mayonnaise *Veg

Sandwich Cheese Authentic Manchego cheese with sundried tomato paté *Veg

Sandwich Vegano Hummus with Tumaca sauce and grilled red pepper *Vegan


Spanish Tortilla Omelet piece Potato, egg, green pepper and onion *Veg

Gazpacho 8 oz Cold soup made with raw, blended vegetables (tomato, garlic, green pepper, cucumber) *Vegan

Chips Sea salt potato chips 1.5oz *Vegan

Dessert ‘Tortas de Aceite’ Sweet crispy bread made with olive oil and anise *Vegan

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