Why is hand-carving Jamón Ibérico important?

Machine-slicing Jamón alters the flavor, adding a metallic taste, numbs the aroma and causes loss of the properties that make it so special.

It takes an expert who masters the art of slicing jamón by hand in order to fully appreciate this savory meat at its full potential.
Using a special knife and a centuries old technique, I slice the jamón to preserve its qualities, and enhance its taste and aroma.

The freshly cut slices will melt in your mouth, delighting your taste buds.
When is properly sliced by hand, each part of the leg must be cut in its own unique way. Only by respecting this tradition can you taste the four district flavors that each part of the jamón will offer: maza (marbled), babilla/contramaza (drier), jarrete/codillo (slightly sweet) and punta (the saltier lower part).

Watching an expert maestro jamonero carve a jamón is a beautiful and unique performance, which pleases the eyes as your mouth begins to water.